DMH 251 2.2-25

DMH 251 2.2-25

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The dosing pumps of the DMH series are hydraulic piston diaphragm pumps. They combine the leakage proof ness of the diaphragm pump with the output characteristics of a piston pump which is almost independent of pressure. DMH pumps are fitted whit the special Bitrac® drive assembly. It converts the rotational energy of the motor into a hydraulic energy by a constant piston system whit hydraulic phase angel control, and hydraulic diaphragm activation assembly with safety valve and patented active diaphragm protection system AMS. The flow rate can be accurately adjusted on a scale with a vernier linearly between 0 and 100%. The flow repeatability of the pumps is superb: below 1%
The liquid end is composed of:
- Dosing head
- Full Teflon diaphragm
- Ball valves

Fisa tehnica a produsului (PDF)

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